Speak Up, Speak Out

Closed 19 Nov 2023

Opened 18 Sep 2023

Results updated 19 Feb 2024

Thank you to everyone who participated in this survey. We're thrilled to say that 160 young people took part. Prior to the survey's release, a focus group of young individuals reviewed and approved the survey questions, ensuring their relevance and resonance with the target audience.

The Kingston Community Safety Team administered its annual youth survey with the objective of gaining deeper insights into safety perceptions among the younger members of the borough.

The full report is availble below. 

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Next Steps

Increased Engagement & Visibility

  • The Council aims to double awareness figures in the next two years. Presently, 9% of young people are aware of the Youth Service and Detached Bus, 16% Project X, 1% Crying Sons, 6% Street Pastors, and 16% are aware of the Safer Neighbourhood Police Team.

Increased Youth Programmes 

  • The Youth Safety Community Forum will persist in its yearly allocation of £10,000 for supporting small, community-led projects focused on supporting young people and reducing crime levels.

Increased CCTV Visibility 

  • The Council will work closely with the MET Police to enhance surveillance infrastructure by installing additional CCTV cameras in hotspot areas. The priority focus for 2024 will be Kingston Town Centre and its surrounding areas

Kingston University Collaboration

  • Engagement with Criminology students studying the Crime Prevention and Community Safety module. Offering opportunities for them to gain insights and shadow pertinent roles within the Council


Kingston Council is passionate about listening to your voices and making positive changes in our borough. We believe in the power of your ideas, experiences, and suggestions to create a safer and more vibrant community for everyone.

Kingston is one of the safest boroughs. Last year, we reached out to hear your thoughts on the issues and areas affecting you, and we were thrilled with the overwhelming response from all of you who completed the survey.

Together, we've already taken action on some of your concerns, such as raising awareness of safe crime reporting with Fearless campaign, revamping one of the ASB hotspots you've identified at Cloisters Mall and providing more outreach sessions so that young people can engage with youth workers in the community..

We're committed to creating an even better and safer borough for everyone. Now, we need your input again! 

Please complete this survey for your chance to win a £30 voucher!! At the end of the survey you will be entered into a raffle for your chance to win 1 of 3 vouchers up for grab! Remember to leave your email address so that we can contact you if you win.

We want to:

  • Understand how safe you feel when out and about in Kingston.
  • Understand how to improve young people’s feelings of safety at night
  • Identify barriers you face in seeking help.
  • Discover the changes needed to improve safety for 11-25-year-olds in our borough.
  • Empower you with opportunities to lead projects that make a difference in Kingston.
  • Co-produce new projects with your valuable insights.

Your voice holds the power to shape positive changes in our community, and we're eager to listen. Last year's response to our survey was overwhelming, and we can't thank you enough for sharing your thoughts!

Thank you for being part of this important journey!

Help and advice

  • (11-17 years old) If you have witnessed a crime. you can anonymously report this on the Fearless website.
  • (18+) If you have witnessed a crime. you can anonymously report this on the CrimeStoppers.
  • If you’re under 18 and need support you can call Childline on 0800 1111 or chat to them online where counsellors are there 24/7 to help young people.
  • If you need help after a crime you can contact Victim Support 08 08 16 89 111
  • Free-Text 61016 If you want to contact the British Transport Police to directly and discreetly report non-emergency crime.
  • Kingston Safe Zone provides a safe space for women and girls, or anyone who is feeling vulnerable in the town centre. It operates Friday and Saturday evenings outside the Kingston train station
  • Training session for parents/young people on county lines and the dangers


  • Together we make the Community Safer

    From 13 Oct 2023 at 12:00 to 13 Oct 2023 at 14:00

    Training session for parents/young people on county lines and the dangers



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  • Gypsies and travellers
  • Residents
  • Students


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