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By having your say, you can help influence decision making on local issues that matter to you. We will keep this website updated with the results and outcomes of your feedback. 

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Closed activities

  • Age Friendly Kingston - tell us your experience

    Kingston Council wants to understand the barriers and motivators to older people being physically active and socially connected in Kingston. We also want to gather insights into the age friendliness of our community. This is a preliminary survey that will help to inform work to make Kingston...

    Closed 27 November 2023

  • Speak Up, Speak Out

    Kingston Council is passionate about listening to your voices and making positive changes in our borough. We believe in the power of your ideas, experiences, and suggestions to create a safer and more vibrant community for everyone. Kingston is one of the safest boroughs. Last year, we reached...

    Closed 19 November 2023

  • Planning application validation checklist

    Draft Validation Checklist As a local planning authority Kingston Council is required to regularly review the validation checklist which sets out all the information required for a planning application to be processed. The draft validation list contains details of all the supporting...

    Closed 19 November 2023

  • Acre Road

    Kingston Council has been working with community stakeholders, internal colleagues and a design team to bring forward initial proposals to redevelop the former care home on Acre Road, Murray House, to provide genuinely affordable housing, at council rent levels, for Kingston’s older residents and...

    Closed 12 November 2023

  • Fountain Roundabout and Pocket Park - a Gateway to New Malden

    In July 2023 Hayatsu Architects, Hortus Collective and 121 Collective won the 'A Gateway to New Malden’ design competition. The competition asked for designs to address challenges and opportunities at the site of the Fountain Roundabout and adjacent land in front of Kingston Environment Centre....

    Closed 10 November 2023

We asked, you said, we did

Below are outcomes for some of the issues we've recently asked about.

We asked

What do you think of the plans for a shared use pedestrian and cycle path in Canbury Gardens?

You said

Over 130 people responded to the survey. Those in favour of the trial commented: 

  • Existing cycle route is in a poor condition 

  • Conflict already exists between pedestrians and cyclists accessing the riverside

  • Lack of clarity and signage 

  • Support for rewilding and improving the path beside the river and pedestrianising this

Some respondents expressed concern about the trial. The comments raised included:  

  • Concern about potential increase in conflict between pedestrians and cyclists and particular concern about the impact of the trail shared use path on blind and partially sighted people, wheelchair users, children, dogs, elderly and less mobile people. 

  • Prefer to have segregated paths for pedestrians and cyclists.

  • Prefer cycling to be banned from Canbury Gardens altogether and for cyclists to use Lower Ham Road. 

  • Concern about the speed of cyclists using the trial shared path.

We did

As part of the engagement and in response to the feedback received we've taken a number of steps to address many of the issues raised:

  • Held a site meeting with representatives of local groups for people with visual impairments to discuss the proposal and what could be done to address their concerns. We will hold regular meetings together during the trial in order to capture any additional works that may be needed. 

  • Added more tactile  paving to the plan at entrance points and meeting points with other internal pathways.

  • Updated the plan to include additional signage to support the trial scheme, that will encourage cyclists to slow down as they enter the shared use area.

  • Updated the plan to include encouraging those who wish to cycle via a faster route to be encouraged to use Lower Ham Road as an alternative.

This updated plan will be taken to Kingston and North Kingston Neighbourhood Committee for approval on 28 November 2023.