Planning application validation checklist

Closed 19 Nov 2023

Opened 9 Oct 2023


Draft Validation Checklist

As a local planning authority Kingston Council is required to regularly review the validation checklist which sets out all the information required for a planning application to be processed. 

The draft validation list contains details of all the supporting information you need to include when submitting a planning application. It also includes information on the detail and scope of that information, which will depend on the scale and nature of the proposal. 

The validation list does not create new planning policies. It sets out what an application needs to include to meet the requirements of the council’s existing Development Plan. This is made up of the Mayor of London’s London Plan (March 2021), the Core Strategy (April 2012) and the South London Waste Plan 2022-2037.

The validation list will be reviewed and updated when a new Local Plan for the borough, which is currently being developed, is adopted.

The validation list is divided into two sections, the national validation requirements and the local validation requirements.

The national requirements are set by central government and are the same across all Local Planning Authorities in England. The local validation requirements relate specifically to planning applications submitted to Kingston Council. 

Requirements are not intended to be onerous but to enable planning officers to properly assess a proposal in light of existing planning policy.  Applications that do not include all the information set out within the local or national list, that is relevant to the application, will not be treated as a valid submission.

A copy of the draft validation list can be downloaded from the Related documents section at the bottom of this webpage. 

Draft Biodiversity Checlist

In addition to the draft Validation Checklist, a draft Biodiversity Checklist for planning applications has also been produced. 

This Biodiversity Checklist is intended to provide a ‘step by step’ tool which can be used by applicants and their agents to help identify if a proposal is likely to adversely affect any biodiversity and natural heritage interests and what information is required to accompany a planning application in order to comply with the relevant legislation and planning policy.

A copy of the Biodiversity Checklist can be downloaded from the Related documents section at the bottom of this webpage. 

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The consultation runs until 19 November 2023.

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Why your views matter

Local Planning Authorities must publish a local validation list for applications and review it every two years. We are carrying out this consultation because significant time has passed since the previous list was published and consulted on and because there have been a number of changes since then, including the London Plan which was published in 2021. 

This consultation considers only the content of the local validation list although some national validation list details are included to provide a more rounded picture. This consultation is to inform the content of the list.

It is important to note that the list will be reviewed again when the council’s emerging Local Plan, which will have updated policies about the future development of the borough, is adopted. 


What happens next

Thank you for your comments on the draft validation checklist and biodiverstiy checklist. 

We are now reviewing the feedback and will consider if the documents need to be amended.


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